Financial Institutions Services

Financial Institutions Services

ESG Due Diligence

By combining domestic and international best practice standards, our professional team has developed a series of methodologies that are applicable to investigating the ESG management performance of non-listed companies and identifying the potential sustainability risks to help GPs avoid non-financial risks. With the methodologies, we are able to assist VCPE institutions in identifying material ESG issues during project screening, due diligence, and holding period.


LP Reporting Tools

We may accomplish one-time information gathering, easily compile ESG reports for different LPs, and provide other associated tailored services by authorizing the use of the "GSG LP Responsible Investment Reporting Tool."


ESG Assessment and Management of Portfolio Companies

●  GSG ESG Rating Model for Unlisted Companies

●  Portfolio ESG Data Management and Performance Tracking Tools

●  Portfolio Companies ESG Compliance Level Assessment Tools


Empowering Investees

●  ESG Training and Capacity Building

●  ESG Ratings Improvement

●  Carbon Neutrality Planning and Integrated Management of Climate Risks


Impact Investment Strategy

●  Macro Background and Domestic & International LP Demand Research

●  Quantitative Impact Assessment System Design


ESG Investment Solutions

●  Interpretation and Preparation of Domestic and International ESG Investment Regulations

●  PRI Reporting

●  ESG Investment Reporting

●  ESG Investment and Evaluation System Development

●  Responding to Stakeholder ESG Inquiries


Climate Risk Management and Carbon Neutrality Planning

●  TCFD Reporting

●  Carbon Neutrality Planning and Tools for Financial Institution Operations

●  Portfolio Carbon Emission Measurement and Management Tools

●  Portfolio Climate Risk Analysis

●  Climate Investment and Financing Product Strategy

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