Financial Institutions Services

Financial Institutions Services

ESG Risk Assessment and Management

GSG helps bank and insurance institutions integrate ESG into their risk management systems and provides technical support for the development of ESG risk assessment and management methodologies and tools, helping bank and insurance institutions to digitally integrate their own ESG criteria to screen potential clients and evaluate existing clients, as well as develop innovative ESG products that meet regulatory requirements.


ESG Reporting

GSG assists bank and insurance institutions to prepare and disclose sustainability reports and environmental information disclosure reports in accordance with relevant regulatory standards and related supporting standards and technical requirements to improve information transparency, while promoting transparency and accelerated transformation of investment and financing enterprises.


Portfolio Carbon Emission Measurement and Management Tools

GSG Carbon Discovery, developed under the guidance of the National Center for Climate Change Strategy Research and International Cooperation, can help financial institutions measure the carbon emissions of their investee companies and integrate them into asset portfolios in accordance with the authoritative methodology. With GSG Carbon Discovery, financial institutions are able to realize the carbon emission measurement of asset portfolios. The data and tools can help financial institutions in quantifying emissions and serve as a basis for conducting risk analysis.


Green Credit

GSG can provide banks with green credit systems, standards and database construction services, helping banks at all levels in developing green credit systems that are applicable to their current situation and development plans, allowing them to achieve the goal of supporting low-carbon transition while realizing sound development of credit business.


Stress Testing

GSG can assist banks in screening environmental stress test indicators, provide methodological advice on environmental stress tests, and support the design and completion of environmental stress tests, helping banks understand environmental stress exposure, effectively controlling risks, safeguarding financing assets, and achieving the goal of guiding banks to reduce polluting and high-carbon investments and increasing green investment preferences to support low-carbon transition.

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